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    I’m running way behind with this notification. However, I am doing the Santa Maria show this year and here’s the information. Would you please notify your lists and let everyone know. It’s at the Same location now for the last 3 years and we hope to see everyone in attendance. This year we are inviting the Studebaker clubs and and orphan cars are welcome to attend as well. Please put this on the 2019 AMCRC Calendar of Events. Flyer to come soon. What: Pacific Gold Rush Ramblers Present the 4th Annual Mid-Coast AMC/Rambler and Orphan Meet When: September 6 & 7, 2019 (Drive tour on the 6th and show on the 7th) Where: Radisson Hotel Santa Maria 3455 Skyway Dr Santa Maria, CA 93455 Ph: 805-928-800 For Special Room Rate contact the hotel directly and mention: “Pacific Gold Rush Rambler” or “PGRUSH” Contact: Stan Kelly email: skelly6567@gmail.com (ph) 408-821-7812
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