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1. SoCalAMX uses an email list service called GROUPS.IO. When anyone on the list posts a message everyone gets a copy.
It is simple to use. Once subscribed, just send an email to socalamx@groups.io. It is strongly recommended for everyone to subscribe to the list.

GROUPS.IO is the voice of SoCalAMX and how we communicate amongst each.

Use the following link to subscribe. GROUPS.IO will email you all the information you need.

2. In addition to joining GROUPS.IO please fill out and submit the following form so you can be added to the club database. The information is not shared with anyone.
It is solely used to contact members for club related activities.

The Club Roster will be available to Club Members Only. Only a Member's name, city, car info, and email address will be shared.

To obtain a member's mailing address or phone number you will need to get that information from a member directly as it will not be shared here publicly through the web site or membership roster.

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