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  • mark.melvin
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    Mark Melvin 1969 AMX

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    This red 1969 AMX is my first AMX. I bought it in the summer of 1977 after I had just graduated from high school. The AMX was spotted in a backyard from the freeway in the Pico Rivera area with a large sign over the front windshield saying FOR SALE. The purchase price was $1200 and the car was mine. This was the first car I ever bought.


    The car was soon after repainted red, then several years later repainted yellow. It remained yellow for 25 years or so until 2004 when it was restored and repainted back to red in time for the 2004 AMO National AMC Show in Scottsdale, AZ.


    The car since has had a 5-speed transmission installed and been driven to Denver twice, St. Louis, and Kenosha, WI for AMC shows.

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