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I have been around AMXs most of my life, starting in 1968 when my uncle bought a new 1968 AMX after coming out of the US Army. As a nine year old then I thought my uncle's car was the fastest car in the world. He would take me for rides in it all the time. He loved to work on his car and hopped it up by putting a dual quad intake manifold on it.

Only nine years later I turned 18 in 1977 and it was time for me to buy my first car. My uncle happened to see a 1969 AMX for sale, from the freeway above in Pico Rivera, CA. We went to take a look at it. The owner tossed us the keys and said go take a test drive. I ended up driving it home that day after forking over the huge sum of $1200. I still have the car today.


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