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  • 2019 Car Show

    The car show is over. Thank you to everyone who showed up with the threat of rain looming. It turned out to be a beautiful day. A report on the car show is available using this link.


    Welcome to the SoCalAMX website.
    Our club started in 2001 with a simple website attempting to provide a means for AMC owners in Southern California to contact each other and organize group activities.


    We have grown in size and scope over the years, first by starting an annual AMC car show in 2007, and later by becoming a chartered club of the AMC Rambler Club, a national organization supporting the AMC community.


    Since year one we have used an email communication system called Yahoo Groups to send messages to each other and coordinate club activities. Currently we are in the process of switching to a new service called Groups.io . See how to join below.


    There has never been a method to determine who is a member of SoCalAMX and who is not. Starting in 2019 the club is initiating an annual $10 membership fee to officially determine the roster of the club. This is a requirement of the national club and is a factor in our club obtaining event insurance for our annual car show. Every entrant from this year's May AMC Car Show is grandfathered in as a current member for the remainder of the year.

  • To join or renew as a member of SoCalAMX please follow these four items.

    1. Use the online form at this link http://socalamx.net/index.php?/membership/ to a) subscribe to GROUPS.IO an email list service, and b) to submit your information, the general stuff like name, address, etc, as well as information on your car, such as year, make, model, to be added to the club database.


    2. Pay the local club (SoCalAMX) annual $10 fee via PayPal: paypal.me/mightypilot/10


    3. Join (AMCRC,) our national AMC club. Being an AMCRC member is not a requirement to join SoCalAMX, but it is strongly encouraged as it plays a factor in our club obtaining event insurance for our annual car show. Join AMCRC at http://www.amcrc.com/. After you receive your national member number please report it to the administrator here.


    4. Create an account on this web site and participate online by posting pictures of your car in the gallery, and tell the others about yourself in your online blog. Use the link at the upper right to create an account.

  • Benefits of joining SoCalAMX?


    • will have your car displayed on the Member Page.
    • will be able to edit the text and change photos of their personal Member Page.
    • annually will receive an official club roster starting in 2019.
    • will have access to member only areas of site.
    • will be able to upload photos to the gallery.
    • will be automatically be notified of future club events.
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